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The Round Table of Nalvage

    Just before the enochian calls were dictated the magicians received the round table of Nalvage. The angel gave some quite interesting additional informations, concerning the internal structure of this table. The round table has 6 x 6 squares, divided into four times 3 x 3 squares and 4 x 4 squares, attached to the outer borders of the table.

Nalvage gave these informations, concerning the round table:

1. The Substance is attributed to God the Father.
2. The first circular mover, the circumference, God the Son, The finger of the Father, and mover of all things.
3. The order and knitting together of the parts in their due and perfect proportion, God the Holy Ghost. Lo, the beginning and end of all things.

    John Dee was informed that there are four sections: two of them are dignified, one just before being dignified which is not dignified at the moment and one section without glory or dignification. Each section was attributed to three latin terms:

First Section: Gaudium (Joy), Praesentia (Presence), Laudantes oder Triumphantes (Praisers)
Second Section: Potestas (Power), Motus (Movement), Ministrantes (Servants)
Third Section: Actio (Action), Factum (Work), Confirmantes (Fortifiers)
Fourth Section: Luctus (Sorrow), Discordia (Dissension), Confundantes (Disturbers)

The four subsections, consisting of 3 x 3 squares each, were then attributed to:

First Square: Iad (God), Moz (Joy), Zir (Presence)
Second Square: Iad (God), Bab (Power), Zna (Movement)
Third Square: Iad (God), Sor (Action), Grv (Work)
Fourth Square: Iad (God), Ser (Sorrow), Osf (Dissension)

The remaining terms were associated to the four names outside the squares: Lvah (Praisers), Lang (Servants), Sach (Fortifiers), Urch (Disturbers).

Gerald Schueler interprets the four squares as names of god:

Iad-moz-zir: The god who is the joy of all things.
Iad-ors-v[i]rg: The god who is bredding in the dark.
Iad-baba[lo]n-z: The evil god.
Iad-[p]r[g]e-s-s[n]f: The god who is ruling the fire.

    Gematrical calculations on the angels' name Nalvage result in 158 and thus the enochian word noqol = "The Servants". The total of all 36 letters is 1131, which can be reduced to 6 by Aiq-Bkr. The total sum of all outer letters results in 948 = 6 x 158. The inner square is - as we know - divided into four sections, that represent the elements. Outside of it there are 4 x 4 letters. The number 4 corresponds with stability and the idea of a fundament. The number 6 symbolizes life and movement. Adding them together results in 10, the perfect number of Pythagoras. According to Schueler, the square that can be built with the sixteen letters outside can be translated into hkas-khr-vngal-ga-vls = "Those sings that are the corners of the round table"

I found a quite interesting article on the Round Table of Nalvage here: Dean Hildebrandt and Runar used Shaffner's letter-essences to analyse the deeper meanings of this table. I hope this link is going to be working a long time.

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