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Welcome to the "Flight of the Condor"!

    Here it is - the completely revised Website "The Flight of the Condor"! The last complete revision took place in the year 2000. After ten years it was mandatory to have a closer look on anything again. So the design underwent some visible improvements and the navigation was much simplified. Expansions in many thematic areas and articles were brought in to further improve the quality of my Website. The complete revision of more then 820 HTML-pages required four months of time.

    It was a great effort to present this knowledge in easy-to-comprehend articles to you. Many (but not all) shamanic techniques are described. Neither are my writings in any form complete nor revealing any absolute truths. The lecture may offer some hints for the beginner or advanced shamanic practitioner or magician. It is not meant as a how-to-cookbook for hobby shamans. The techniques described should be practiced under experienced guidance of skilled shamanic practitioners only and at your own risk. You can find these themes on my Website:

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    One valuable hint I am offering right here: Have Fun!

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